Amazon Sellers Beware


Amazon is that Big Brother you love to hate.

Yes, they offer one of the world’s largest marketplace for e-commerce selling, but if they set their sights on you and your products, then look out!

Amazon has been under the microscope for its alleged antitrust practices around the world. The claim: Amazon uses private data on Amazon sellers to see which products are selling well and develop their own branded products that either undercut the 3rd party Amazon sellers and/or put more prominence for Amazon’s own branded products over other sellers.

It”s hard to prove and this claim has been going on for years.


If your products are suitable for the Etsy marketplace, consider Etsy as another selling channel. Etsy grew revenue by 10% and had almost 6M new buyers(!). [via StackedMarketer]


Start your own Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) or private-label brand with these white-label products.

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