Apple Spending Millions per Day On Its Own AI

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  • Apple has been relatively quiet in the AI game, but don’t sleep on them, they are quietly spending millions per day training its own AI language model, codenamed, Ajax, supposedly even more powerful than ChatGPT.
  • AI is helping diagnose lung cancer. We’re a big fan of AI-assisted healthcare and see this one of the biggest benefits of AI in the future.
  • Microsoft has its customer’s backs when it comes to AI copyright issues.

    In a bold move, Microsoft announced it will cover legal damages on behalf of its customers who use its AI products and end up being sued for copyright infringement.

    Microsoft: <mic drops>, boom.
  • The U.S. Pentagon announced plans to develop fleets of AI-powered military machines to “counter” China’s AI developments.

    Coincidentally, viewership of the Terminator movie series has also surged.
  • With access to tons of data through X (aka Twitter), Tesla and Neurolink – it’s not surprising that there’s rumblings of Elon Musk looking to merge this all into one big AI powerhouse.

    The real question that everyone is missing here: Are we any closer to living the life the Jetson’s promised us?

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