“Apple is famous for producing things that you didn’t know you needed…”

So says Simon Constable in this interview with Brian Fitzgerald, the tech editor at the Wall Street Journal. Watch the clip below:


This statement that Constable makes at the end of the interview is incredibly insightful. In it you find all that is right with Apple and why they are such a giant and leader in the tech field. Apple not only anticipates what people need, but it also leads them to understand that they need such things in their lives.

This is a remarkable statement. Even when I didn’t know I needed it, Apple convinces me that this will be useful for my life (loosely summarizing Constable’s words).

This got me to think about our own businesses and leadership. It’s one thing to anticipate what people need and desire. But that’s only one side of the coin, now, isn’t it? We also need to lead people to discover what we already know: The need what we have to offer. We need to lead them to this realization and then provide for them the answer in our own services.

This is true innovation. It has two sides, or faces, just like a coin. On the one side you offer up what people are looking for, but on the other side you offer to them what they will eventually realize they need.

Are you planning in this fashion? showing them, leading them, and guiding them to your innovation? We need to start doing this today. Let’s take a cue from Apple and their marketing, and let’s get to work.

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