Apple throwing down their AI glove

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  • If you like to geek out on the technical-side of AI, here’s something to whet your appetite: a detailed look at the emerging architectures for LLM applications (you know you want to read this).
  • We have questioned in this very newsletter about Apple’s absence from the AI conversation so far, but now Apple has announced that they’re working on their own AI tool codenamed “AJAX”. I guess the name “iAI” won’t quite fit the typical Apple product nomenclature…
  • Google is developing a “journalistic” AI, codenamed Genesis, where it supposedly generates news articles based upon current events. Google proceeded to show off this tool to the very people who are threatened by its very existence: journalists. Needless to say, the response was less than warm…
  • The head of Britain’s intelligence agency, MI6, stated that AI won’t be replacing human spies anytime soon. So, we should continue to expect to see more Bond movies soon, however, there was no word about whether an AI would replace an actor playing Bond…
  • New York police used AI to help nab a drug trafficker. The AI analyzes traffic patterns and pointed out the drug trafficker’s actions as suspicious, leading to his arrest.

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