Are AI Wearables the Future?

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  • Could AI wearables be the future? Humane AI, formed by former Apple execs, launched an AI wearable called Humane AI Pin. Envision Star Trek’s communicator on their uniforms. It’s an interesting take on how AI can be integrated into our everyday lives. (they just need to do something about their website url…)
  • This unemployed software engineer used AI to help him apply for over 5,000 jobs, which resulted in 20 job interviews. Next step is to send an AI avatar to attend the interview…
  • Researchers have developed an AI system that can detect Type 2 Diabetes with up to 89% accuracy simply from analysing a person’s voice recordings from a smartphone.
  • OpenAI held DevDay to announce a string of new developments. The highlight being Custom GPTs that can be created with no-code. It’s hard to believe ChatGPT only came out about a year ago. The advancement hasn’t just been incremental, but exponential.
  • Youtube is also testing two new AI tools for video creators

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