Asking the Tough Questions

If you are in the business of leading business, then one thing you are definitely doing on a regular basis is building up that business by hiring new and interesting people.

But how do you hire the best of the best? Well, one way of doing it is by having an interview that goes beyond your typical interview.

What is a typical interview? A typical interview is one that asks the pretty normal questions…the ones you find on or in a book of interview questions.

You know the type: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “What are the greatest influences in your life?”

Now, what I’m proposing you do is turn that whole interview process on its head and use it as a means of getting down to business with an individual.

“After one month of working here, what are you not going to like about me?”

“After one month of working here, what will I not like about?”

These types of questions get to the heart of what makes a person tick. They show you where a person is at in their career and how well and comfortable they are with their own foibles and flaws. Having these type of individuals on your team is of utmost importance.

Finding them starts with the questions you ask in the interview.


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