I Bet ATT Hears YOU Now

Reports are coming today that the Federal Trade Commission is suing ATT for misleading customers with their claims of “unlimited” data for smart phones. Turns out that the cell phone provider giant is being accused of “throttling” back customers who have a higher tendency of using their data connections. Essentially, throttling a customer’s data speed is controlling the connection speed a customer has on their smart phone line.

The practice of throttling is one that is well-known throughout the industry, but never truly admitted to…now with this lawsuit ATT will be forced to reveal some of their business practices.

How will this impact their own marketing and name branding? This is a very serious issue for the cell phone company, especially in light of the other cell phone companies contending for their business.

Maintaining the good name of ones brand is of utmost importance, and serving the customer honestly and in a legitimate manner is one way of going the distance in maintaining that brand.

In what ways are you maintaining that good name for your own company and maintaining the public image before your customers at all times?

For more on ATT’s legal woes, see the full article here: FTC Sues ATT for Allegedly Misleading Unlimited Data Plan Customers

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