Insights for Global Business Professionals

Are Performance Reviews Killing Your Culture?
I recently spoke to one of my closest friends, we had made plans to meet for lunch with another friend.[...]
Want to be successful? Do this…
I'm an avid reader and learner. I came across this tweet recently: If you put in 10+ learning hours /[...]
Would you move to a 4 day work week?
Ever since I first read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, it's really helped me focus and realise[...]
Why remote workers are more productive
As a futurist, I definitely see remote work increasing more and more. I've done it myself for over twelve years[...]
How to read better
I love reading. I've loved reading since I was child and still read as much as I can as an[...]
200,000 bank jobs could be lost to robots in next decade
One of the themes I closely watch and warn people about is the inevitable (massive) disruption from robots and automation.[...]
Are you making this key business mistake?
When I was working in the corporate sales world, my old company’s main key performance indicator (KPI) for the sales[...]
Should you hire to fit your business culture?
Hiring the best people who fit your "company culture" has always been a common hiring objective. But focusing purely on[...]
Management is more than just about data…
The biggest trend these days is "Big Data", "Data Analytics" - basically all business decisions made based upon the data.[...]
Why Doodling Makes Your More Productive
The dreaded meeting. The place where corporate suits & cubicle dwellers find boredeom and obstacles to productivity. That's when you[...]
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