Insights for Global Business Professionals

4 Simple Ways to Manage Stress
Workplace stress was already an issue workers of the modern era have to struggle with, add in a pandemic and[...]
10 Questions to Assess a Company’s Culture
If you're interviewing with a company and you want to know what the company culture is REALLY like, here's ten[...]
How U.S. Banks Are Deploying A.I.
Facial recognition has been a point of discussion in terms of implementing  A.I. in the real world. However, banks are[...]
Tell-Tale Signs of Burnout
"'I can’t do this anymore,' I exclaimed as I burst into tears. Like a child who had just put a[...]
World’s Biggest SPAC Merger
SPAC's aren't new but they've been incredibly popular (just like Reddit stocks). Grab Holdings, the Singapore-based largest ride-haling and food[...]
All About Autonomous Vehicles
I'm a big believer in the development of autonomous vehicles (AV). It won't be a matter of "if" but "when".[...]
How to Get Better Feedback
Our favourite psychologist, Adam Grant, shares this great tip on how to elicit feedback: When people hesitate to give honest[...]
Is a 4-Day Work Week Coming to a Company Near You?
We've been talking a lot about working from home since the pandemic started. But could the work week also see[...]
How to Promote Self-Care in the Workplace
Self-care and mental health is even more important now with so many teams and workers working remotely. Even when/if things[...]
Archegos Capital Blows Up to Start the Week
What a start to the first day after Spring Break...waking up to headlines of Archegos Capital having to sell off[...]
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