Insights for Global Business Professionals

70% of a busy executive’s time is wasted
I'm fanatical about productivity. I hate wasting time and time-wasting activities. I'm pretty ruthless when it comes to not wasting[...]
Taking control of your supply chain
After fifteen years, Apple announced they will be producing their own chips for the MAC product line...ending a fifteen year[...]
5 Tips for Managing Remote Teams
Now that many are still working from home, team managers may find it hard to adjust to manage your team's[...]
Air travel during a Pandemic, here’s what people said…
The U.S. is officially in a recession (since Feb 2020) and the global economy is forecasted to shrink by 5.2%.[...]
B2B Sales: How should I split my time between calling new customers (or writing cold emails) and making follow up calls (or follow up emails)?
Question from a B2B Software Sales professional: "How should I split my time between calling new customers (or writing cold[...]
Are there ways to instill consistency for my salespeople?
I've been trying to help answer business questions lately especially during these trying times, here's another one: In my experience,[...]
When in the B2B sales process, should I send a proposal to a client?
I recently was asked this question and wanted to share my answer here with you too (with some minor edits):Great[...]
Save your sanity working from home with this…
I've mostly worked remotely for over fifteen years now, add to that I'm an Introvert (on the extreme side of[...]
How can you pivot? | Stimulus Series
Over the next few days (possibly weeks), I'll be sharing more tips and ideas for businesses & companies to overcome[...]
Working from home? Hear from the guys who wrote the book
It's a good chance you're reading this right now while working from home. Some of you may love it (sleeping[...]
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