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Hackers hold bank data ransom
Approximately 90,000 Canadian's personal details are being held at ransom by hackers. [Read more]
Deutsche bank to cut 7,000 jobs
Deutsche bank is going to be cutting 7,000 jobs in a continued scene of restructuring of the banking sector. [Read[...]
How to get better at learning
Lifelong learning is what we keep preaching, if you're looking for guidance on how to improve your learning, check out[...]
Canada’s banks looking to patent future of finance
My home country Canada trying to leading the way to the future of finance. [Read more]
Why we should teach our kids creativity instead of coding
I've never been a big supporter of the whole teach our kids coding movement. Not all kids or people are[...]
Great CEO’s are learning machines
Here at Ethan Hathaway, our entire business and values is based upon lifelong learning. This article seems to support the[...]
Why energy companies should have an Enterprise Risk Management framework
This article shares eight reasons why energy companies should have some sort of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework in place.[...]
Banks struggling to comply with AML, data protection rules
With the European Union's (EU) GDPR data protection regulation coming into affect, banks (and many other companies around the world)[...]