Insights for Global Business Professionals

Would You Be Hired by Warrent Buffett?
We're big fans of Warren Buffett (our company name is based upon Berkshire Hathaway!), we vibe with a lot of[...]
The World’s Largest Trading Bloc
This past week, fifteen Asia-Pacific countries formed the world's largest trading bloc, called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Highlights[...]
How to Say “No”
In the 2008 movie, Yes Man, Jim Carrey's character goes on a journey of saying "Yes" to every opportunity that[...]
City of London Catches Up on Green Bonds
"Green" bonds have been making their mark over the last few years and yielding growing interest among investors. The City[...]
Humans Take Jobs Away from Robots in Walmart…Wait, What?
The common theme we write about is how automation & robots will take over many jobs traditionally performed by humans.[...]
How to Have More Productive Remote Meetings
Whenever the pandemic ends, we're all going to be tired of hearing the word "Zoom". Personally, I find majority of[...]
800 Million Jobs at Risk Due to This…
...the pandemic has hit specific industries hard such as transportation, tourism, food & beverage but jobs aren't just facing the[...]
How to Read More
Reading is an activity I regularly talk about/promote here. Because I believe in the motto "Leaders are Readers". Not only[...]
Could the Pandemic Spark Mobile Payment Adoption in Western Europe?
Paper money is one of the dirtiest items you can touch, so it's even more pronounced during a pandemic. For[...]
Neural Networks Math for Dummies
Math (rather Calculus) was a weak spot for me. But I do have a fascination with nearal networks and machine[...]
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