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Facebook bans all ads promoting cryptocurrencies, here’s what you should do…
So, this just happened, Facebook announced it is implementing a sweeping ban of ads promoting anything to do with cryptocurrencies[...]
GM is mass-producing cars with no steering wheels
Autonomous and driverless cars are coming, no matter what you think. The fact GM has these plans is a huge[...]
Bitcoin may have been driven from $150 to $1000 by just one person
This research says they found that Bitcoin may have been driven from a price of $150 to $1000 by just[...]
Hot start for M&A in 2018
Looks like a pretty hot start for M&A this year... More than $152 billion of mergers have been announced in[...]
Things That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago…
It's incredible what can happen in ten years, I absolutely believe we'll see even more change in the next ten[...]
Best Certification Course for Procurement Professionals
Procurement is one of the hottest trending job and career I've seen in the last few years. It's a business[...]
Business Outsourcing Industry Hit Hard
It used to be a fear of losing jobs to lower-wage countries like India, but now even in India, especially[...]
Here’s why Amazon Ships Products in Large Boxes
Ever wonder why your Amazon order comes in a box larger than the product you ordered? Here's why: Why Amazon[...]
An Interview with Charlie Munger
I'm a big fan of Warren Buffett AND his partner Charles Munger. Munger is seen as one of the sharpest[...]
Is Blockchain the Answer to Corruption?
One of the attractions of Blockchain is its transparency and inherent difficulty in allowing fraudulent transactions. See why Blockchain could[...]