Insights for Global Business Professionals

Everything You Want to Know About Drones
Drones (those flying quadracopters you see everywhere these days) have made it easier to film sweeping panoramas, are being tested[...]
How Bitcoin is Mined
Bitcoin has been getting a lot of attention lately (more than usual). Not to mention Canada has just approved North[...]
Is Salesforce Offering a Glimpse into the Future of Post-Pandemic Work?
One of the biggest SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies in the world, Salesforce, announced that their employees will be permanently allowed to[...]
North America’s First Bitcoin ETF Launches
The Purpose Bitcoin ETF, has received regulatory approval and becomes the first approved Bitcoin ETF in North America. Whether you[...]
How to Monetize Your App
Many app developers use a freemium model to grow their user-base. But outside of that, many don't really think about[...]
How to Reason with Unreasonable People
In the workplace, there's always got to be that one person who's completely unreasonable. Either they argue with everyone around[...]
Take a Ride on the Hyperloop
Elon Musk's Boring Company isn't the only one building out hyperloop transportation. Virgin Hyperloop is also another player in the[...]
How Elon Musk Spots Liars in Interviews with this One Question…
One complaint I hear from managers, unit heads and senior executives from all over is how hard it is to[...]
GM & Microsoft Team Up to Deliver Driverless Cars
A lot of talk has been about Apple's plans for an autonomous car, but looks like Microsoft and GM are[...]
Are you making these 5 leadership mistakes?
The (former) Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, recently resigned amid a 3rd-party probe that found "scathing" and "blistering" evidence[...]
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