Insights for Global Business Professionals

“How do I start a career in digital marketing without any experience?”
I get this question very often:“How do I enter/start a career in digital marketing without any experience?”This comes from new[...]
AI detects breast cancer better than doctors, what does that mean?
Google's AI for detecting breast cancer has been found to be better at detecting the cancer than doctors and radiologists.[...]
The Jobs of Tomorrow 2020 Report
One of the common themes I like to write about these days is looking at how jobs as we know[...]
How to detoxify a negative work environment
A common theme I hear from professionals around the globe is their disatisfaction with the work environment they're in. It[...]
Should you still use the Myers-Briggs test?
I'm not a big fan of the Myers-Briggs test. I know it's traditionally been a popular one used by HR[...]
Is your job affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
I've talked a lot about artifical intelligence (AI) and automation, we tend to focus on the more blue-collar jobs that[...]
Are Performance Reviews Killing Your Culture?
I recently spoke to one of my closest friends, we had made plans to meet for lunch with another friend.[...]
Want to be successful? Do this…
I'm an avid reader and learner. I came across this tweet recently: If you put in 10+ learning hours /[...]
Would you move to a 4 day work week?
Ever since I first read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, it's really helped me focus and realise[...]
Why remote workers are more productive
As a futurist, I definitely see remote work increasing more and more. I've done it myself for over twelve years[...]
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