Insights for Global Business Professionals

What kind of leader are you?
There are leaders who lead by leveraging fear.  There are leaders who manipulate and pit internal team members against one[...]
The Three Pillars of Data Analytics
Data analytics can help you find pockets of profit opportunities, areas to resource waste, especially these days where businesses are[...]
Zoom overdose
While many workers are working from home/remotely, it looks like managers aren't adjusting too well by scheduling waaaaayyyyyy too many[...]
Half of Finance Workers Thinking of Changing Jobs
A few years ago, I took a digital photography class. Peter (not his real name), the instructor, introduced himself to[...]
Data Science vs Data Analytics
Data science and data analytics are some of the "trendy" areas people are flocking to when it comes to emerging[...]
Are you making these “thinking” mistakes?
Smartphones. Instant messaging. Email. Zoom calls. We're constantly barraged with distractions on a daily basis. Do you ever have days[...]
How to Improve Your Cybersecurity Risk Management
With the increase in work from home digital workers, information security risks are going to be a tough juggling act[...]
How to AI
One of the main topics of the Emerging Edge is what's happening in AI (artificial intelligence), well, the good folks[...]
Another Major Bank Fined…
Major Canadian bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, has been fined US$127,000,000(!!!) for compliance failures. Massive Canadian bank news!! Bank of[...]
Diversity done right
I have been a life-long ice hockey fan.So, with the announcement of Seattle's newest expansion team, the Seattle Kraken, I'm[...]
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