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Latest Posts

The Art of Negotiating at Work

We’re all not born negotiators and when it comes to negotiating within your workplace, it might be even more nerve-wracking. Fear not, here’s some tips if you need to negotiate…

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Stay Tuned to Days of Our OpenAI Lives

Read on! With all the comparisons to a season of Succession, the OpenAI drama partially resolved, as Sam Altman and Greg Brockman returned to OpenAI with a partially new board…

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UK Inflation Slows Down

ECONOMY UK Inflation Slows Down UK’s inflation rate slowed down to its lowest in two years, triggering expectations of possible interest rate cuts in the near future. IPO Starlink Mulls…

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How to handle workplace conflict

Teams don’t always work in harmony, and sometimes conflicts arise that require you, as a manager, to step in help resolve. Here are 8 tips for you to handle workplace…

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SBF Found Guilty

BANKRUPTCY WeBankrupt… In one of the biggest falls from grace, co-working space (aka “tech” company), WeWork is set to file for bankruptcy. WeWork is a prime example of so many…

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How to Spend 50% Less Time in Meetings

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know meetings (mostly unnecessary and pointless ones) are my biggest pet peeves. Here’s a nice strategy to help you spend much less…

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Are AI Wearables the Future?

Read on! Could AI wearables be the future? Humane AI, formed by former Apple execs, launched an AI wearable called Humane AI Pin. Envision Star Trek’s communicator on their uniforms….

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Popular Posts

5 Liquidity Management Tips

Every business needs to invest enough time and energy in ensuring disruption free cash flow, both short term cash flow and long term funding. The liquidity of a business may…

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