Insights for Global Business Professionals

The first trillion dollar company
Apple recently became the first company to reach one trillion dollars in value. In this tweet, this map shows countries[...]
Here’s why Starbucks failed in Australia
I love my cup of coffee in the morning, but I'm not a big Starbucks fan (I know, the horror!).[...]
Why are more people quitting their jobs than ever before?
The type of intense work hours we endure is starting to be something that causes people to leave their jobs.[...]
The positive effects of a 4-day work week
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Do you hate meetings?
The biggest time killer and waster is meetings. Specifically unfocused meetings. It's the one bain of time management. It's also[...]
How automation is going to redefine our concept of work
Automation is being implemented at a rapid pace and majority of people are not ready for the massive impact on[...]
Amazon’s move into pharma
Amazon's continued domination in the retail space is now moving into the online pharmaceuticals space with their latest acquisition. [Read[...]
Being productive whether you’re an Introvert or Extrovert
I'm a huge proponent of working to your natural preferences (I'm a natural Introvert). Despite the fact the world is[...]
Chatbots in banking
Thinking about implementing a chatbot for your banking business? Here's a case with Bank of America where a chatbot has[...]
Jeff Bezos’ advice on work-life balance, it’s not what you think…
Jeff Bezos, the founder of, has some interesting advice regarding work-life balance. [See what he says here]