Do Us All a Favor and Stop Saying These Words Around the Office

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There are certain things that our office-mates say that can make us cringe. We have all said certain words or phrases at one time or another. it is good to think before you speak, or send that email. Depending on what type of office setting you work in, some phrases or words are more acceptable. LOL, ping me and growth hacking are ones that seem quite bothersome to people. A few words that aren’t are break the ice, on my radar and out of the loop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Saying “LOL” out loud is the office jargon that annoys people of all ages.
  • Some jargon is disliked much more than other jargon, and this relative acceptability varies by generation and industry.
  • Using office jargon and buzzwords doesn’t make a good impression, but it’s not likely to ruin your career.

“For millennials, “ping me,” “internet of things,” “piggyback” and “run it up the flagpole” were named the most cringe-worthy.”

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