Ethereum’s “Merge”

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El Salvador’s Bad Bet on Bitcoin

So, it’s already been one year since El Salvador made a bet on Bitcoin and promoted Bitcoin to their population as legal tender.

Here’s how it’s going upon the anniversary of this event. (tldr: not so good)


Digital Banking: You’re UX Isn’t All That

Can you provide digital banking services without an app?

Is having a pretty UX for your digital banking services the “one ring to rule them all”?

This analysis takes an in-depth look at your digital banking and UX.


Want to get your foot in the door in the digital banking space? Become a Certified Digital / e-Banking Specialist (CEBS).


Ethereum’s “Merge”

One of the biggest criticisms of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the environmental impact of mining for coins.

Ethereum is switching its software to which should see Ethereum’s energy usage decrease by 99%.

Head over to understand more about what this means.

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