How to Handle Working for a Narcissist

If you’re unlucky, you’ll one-day (if not already) probably encounter working for or with someone who is a narcissist.

That can make daily work life miserable for those around them.

But if you’re in the unenviable position where you can’t change jobs or remove yourself from working with someone who displays narcissistic behaviour, here’s five tips from the Daily Coach to help you handle working with them:

  1. Understand how narcissists operate & behave. Learn the tactics they use and how to deflect them.
  2. Don’t react. One of the best ways to handle “bullies” is to walk away and don’t give them the satisfaction of getting under your skin.
  3. Don’t pet the tiger. Try to avoid triggering narcissistic behaviour or giving them a way in.
  4. Stay focused on what is important. You don’t have any control over how a narcisstic person behaves. Focus more on things you can control.
  5. Don’t argue with them. Similar to the above tips, arguing with a narcissist will trigger a deep black hole of energy depletion. Don’t fall for this trap. 
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