Working from home? Hear from the guys who wrote the book

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It’s a good chance you’re reading this right now while working from home.

Some of you may love it (sleeping in, no commute, chilling out with your pets & family) and some of you may feel like a fish out of water (missing human interactions, being in the office, etc).

I’ve worked remotely for over fifteen years now and I certainly enjoy the freedom it brings.

Now that working remote and working from home has been brought to the forefront of many industries that may not have really thought about it in the past, I wanted to share this book written by a couple of guys who built an entire company and team that is 100% remote.

It’s called “Remote: office not required” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

And you can get their book on Amazon (Kindle ebook  version) on sale for just $2.99.

It’s a great read, I highly recommend it, especially during this time.

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