Zoom overdose

While many workers are working from home/remotely, it looks like managers aren’t adjusting too well by scheduling waaaaayyyyyy too many Zoom calls.

Sure, I get it, if you’re in a client-facing role, then you might not be able to avoid Zoom calls, but we shouldn’t be wasting everyone’s time with too many internal Zoom meetings.

Whether the reasons are trying to keep an eye on team members without an office setting or it’s the status quo, having far too many time-wasting meetings, it’s time to review how you’re using Zoom calls.

It sounds like many are getting tired of the incessant Zoom calls.

Some tips to consider:

  • Can you limit internal Zoom meetings to thirty minutes?
  • Why not send out information to prepare before the meeting to save time?
  • Have a clear goal/decision you want to achieve for the end of the meeting and then end the meeting.

How about you?

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