It Came Out With A Bang

And just like that, there are problems cropping up.

What are we talking about? Apple Pay. Reportedly there have been a number of duplicate payments being recorded. This doesn’t bode well for the Apple corp. Now, no one expects a launch like this to go off without a few hitches. But this is a little bit different, since it is essentially dealing with everyone’s wallet.

The interesting thing will be to watch how the companies contingency and PR plan handles the issue. At the last announcement one way the update 8.01 (the one with numerous issues) was to joke about it off the cuff.

This might be the way Apple handles this, and as always, perhaps we can learn a thing or two about how we handle such debacles in our own business doings. Do we try to run them under the ground, or do we try to address them and at the same time remind that they are not the end of the world, necessarily?

Apple typically handles these things head on, and they do so with a smile on their face. They never make excuses for what has happened, but rather address the issues by fixing the problems as quickly as possible and addressing there was a problem in the first place, albeit tongue-in-cheek at times.

We might want to learn from this ourselves as we continue to address our customer base and seek more than anything to be transparent before them. We can’t be transparent if we are trying to sweep things under the rug. More importantly, by behaving in such a manner will in turn cause our client base to simply not trust us anymore. And that would certainly cause a great degree of frustration in our ventures.

Might be a time for us to reassess such issues.

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