Can You Smell What the CEO is Cooking?

The Rock is one of the most recognizable actors worldwide. At 6′ 5″ and over 225lbs of muscle and 50 million followers across various social media platforms, the man is obviously doing something right. But it wasn’t always so for one of today’s hardest working and highest paid action stars. There was a time when he was out of work, out of cash (with only $5 to his name) and out of options. But he never quit. He pressed forward, looked inward and reached upward.

Today is a different day. Traversing the globe back and forth while promoting new movies, visiting fans, and returning every now and then to the ring. Today is a good day for this superstar who never gave up. And now he takes a moment to share some of the best advice which each of us, who are leaders in industry, should take to heart.

As he muses on leadership and success, you will see that his advice falls in the column of excelling in the basics. He advocates consistency, getting back to the basics, and knowing and understanding your audience.

Sounds like overly simplistic thoughts, at first. But remember, there is a vast difference between simplistic and simple. His is a simple, yet insightful and proven wisdom that will lead to leadership success. And if you employ his advice, here along with 3 more he gives in the article, then you too will see that same type of success in your own personal lives.

Take a look, see what he’s cooking, and then get in your own kitchen and start whipping up some good old leadership today!


Read the full article here: The Rock’s best advice for success

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