Companies Turn to AI to Run More Efficiently

You may have noticed (or not), we’re publishing on a Tuesday (instead of Thursday) this week. With so much happening in the AI-world, I thought we should get this to you earlier going forward (maybe even more frequently…foreshadowing perhaps?).

Read on!

  • Let’s start with David Thiel’s Palantir Technologies, a data analysis firm, which has developed an AI platform that helps militaries in battlefield intelligence and decision-making. They’re already seeing “unprecedented demand”. Sure, that will ease all the fears about AI right? Right?
  • Paypal and IBM have announced they will leverage AI to cut costs and help with efficiency. While it wasn’t explicitly said, there is a high chance that means some of those costs cutting involve a loss of human jobs.
  • Most of the AI attention has been on Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Now, Google’s latest announcement shows they’re elevating their AI-game with 7 AI tools from text to music generative-AI to their ChatGPT rival, Bard (only open to US-based users for now…boooo).
  • Claude is overtaking ChatGPT (by my non-scientific opinion…). Claude is another ChatGPT rival built by Anthropic, started by former employees of OpenAI. Now, Claude’s AI model can now take 100,000 tokens vs the previous limit of 9,000. I’ve found myself using Claude AI more than ChatGPT lately too, even without access to this new model. But this new model is still limited in availability and not available to the general public yet.
  • Your dream of being a Disney / Industrial Light & Magic / Pixar animator can now come true! (Oh wait, that’s my dream job…). Anyways, if you have a similar dream, is releasing its text to animation model to developers. This is huge for video creation and wannabe animators like myself.

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