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There’s no doubt about it, congestion is at an all time high. I’m not talking about that physical sinus congestion, though that’s been acting up recently. I’m talking about car congestion. More and more people are on the roads and it’s talking people quite a while to get to work. And now it seems that politicians are aiming to give commuters a tax break for driving in to work! Is this the solution? Give them a tax break? Well, this certainly helps those who own the parking lots where people leave their cars all day. It’s quite lucrative for them. But does this solve anything? People are still cranky and upset from the morning drive. Have you considered another option? Telecommute. It’s being done more and more by people these days. And it’s quite successful. People are more rested, alert, and overall happy. Think about doing business in a new fashion. Read the full article here: Why Again Are We Subsidizing People to Commute By Car?

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