Failing All The Way to the Top

What does failure teach us? It teaches us, in the words of Bruce Wayne’s father, “How to get back up again.”

Failure is an important and relevant aspect of any and every leaders life. In essence, if one has not tasted nor experienced failure, then one does not qualify to call themselves a leader. Why?

To lead means that you are inevitably trail-blazing your own path, following no one except your own intuition, going it alone. To lead means you are not following. And if you are leading then you are going somewhere. Doesn’t matter where that is..but you are moving. And when we are in front and moving, leading, trail-blazing…well, we open ourselves up to the very real possibility of failure.

If you aren’t failing, then you are not leading properly. Take a look at today’s story and see the intrinsic link between these two things, failure and leadership.

Read the full article here: How to Fail Your Way to the Top

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