Gemini vs ChatGPT…Fight!

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  • Adobe’s AI tools are open for all to use. If you work with any kind of visuals or graphics, Adobe Firefly’s AI tools are simply some of the best.

    If you don’t work with graphics at all, don’t mistake Adobe’s Firefly with this Firefly.
  • So, maybe you don’t need to work the generative AI graphics, maybe you work with generative AI audio?

    Stability has launched a new tool, Stability Audio, which uses AI (of course) to create music and sounds from text prompts.
  • EY launches its own AI platform, creatively named (sarcasm): The consulting firm pumped $1.4b into developing this AI platform.
  • We mentioned last week how the Pentagon is developing AI military machines, not to be outdone, Germany is developing “AI test environment” to create a safe military testing environment.
  • Medicine and healthcare is one of the super-use-cases for AI, and now researchers have developed an AI model to detect eye disease and even risks of Parkinson’s disease purely from retinal images.

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