Getting Honest Feedback From Your Team

Honest feedback from staff members is difficult to come by. It takes time to develop trust and an environment that allows for honest communication. Team members may not openly give input for fear of job loss. Successful Managers develop a plan where they share their own goals and plans, show interest in staff opinions and progress, thank employees for input, and include their role in performance reviews.

For this plan to work, one must be willing to accept opinions without reacting emotionally. Can you take criticism and give it while keeping an open mind? Listening to, and implementing staff suggestions shows that you take them seriously. Your staff will be more willing to offer input if you are open with your own plan of improvement and your own goals.

Open ended questions about staff projects help to show that you have an interest in their success. Share with staff your own goals and obstacles. Eventually staff will open up and share their perceptions. This takes time.

Keep this mindset when evaluating staff. Reviews should include what the staff member expects from their manager. Share what you will improve on and how you can aid in their success.

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