Godfather of AI doesn’t believe AI will terminate the human race

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  • Godfather of AI, Yann LeCun, doesn’t think AI will go all Skynet on humans and unleash deadly Terminators. That’s good to know. (But keep that time travel doohicky close by just in case).
  • Microsoft’s AI tool will help you spend all your money guide your buying choices while shopping online. Yay or nay?
  • As I’ve written before, AI will have significant boost to the medical industry. Case-in-point, the first AI-powered developed drug is entering the clinical trials with human patients.
  • AI won’t be replacing best-selling authors soon. While Youtube is saturated with “How I wrote a best-selling book with AI and made gazillsions selling it on Amazon…” videos, Amazon is catching on and looking at how to stop all the AI-spamming books.
  • Professor proposes AI become the human sugar-daddy. Since AI models are training on so much public data, USC computer-science professor, Barath Raghavan, proposes AI companies pay ALL citizens an “AI dividend” as a fee for accessing public data to train the AI models.

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