Google’s AI May Have Solved the Problem of Attending Pointless Meetings

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  • Not to be outdone by Microsoft’s integration of ChatGPT functionality within the Office365 offering, Google announced the integration of Duet AI with Google Meetings where the AI will summarize video meetings and even take notes in real-time for you.
  • Walmart has embraced generative AI and has launched it’s very own generative AI tool, named My Assistant (how creative…why not Wal-E? See what I did there?), to help corporate executives in some repetitive and mundane tasks such as creating drafts and summaries of documents.
  • Google chooses a path of AI-collaboration instead of cage fights. Google announced it will add AI tools from Meta and Anthropic into its cloud platform. The decision makes for a positive path forward for developing the industry and product offerings, but probably doesn’t yield as much for pay-per-view revenue as a cage fight between tech founders.
  • If you noticed your lights flickering, it might be because Tesla turned on their $300 million AI-supercomputer powered by Nvidia’s $40K H100 AI chip. The supercomputer is just the beginning for Tesla as it continues to develop its Full Self Driving (FSD) features.

    The supercomputer will allow Tesla to process mountains of data to further develop FSD. [via Superhuman]
  • Top Gun’s next movie may be titled: Top Gun: Maverick-AI. An AI-powered drone beat out 15 out of 25 races with world champion human drone racers.

    “Talk to me Goose-AI!”

    “I feel the neeeeed for…AI…” (OK, I’ll see myself out the door).

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