Handle Negativity at Work with Jerry Fetta

Every human being experiences negative thoughts and events throughout their lives. This is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life. When we think negative thoughts or encounter negative experiences, many people have a tendency to simply ignore them, pretending like they never existed or happened. At some point, every negative feeling or instance that people experience needs to be dealt with in order for one to be the most positive person that they can be. Harboring negative thoughts or events is extremely unhealthy, as every single one of these eventually resurfaces in one way or another. Not only does bottling negativity result in people reacting negatively in their own personal worlds, but it also causes them to act out in negative ways towards others. Usually, people don’t even realize that they are doing it. In order to avoid negative thoughts or events to have negative outcomes in the future, they need to be dealt with when they happen, every single time. People must learn to find coping mechanisms so that every time that they have a negative thought or experience a negative event, they deal with it then and there rather than burying it. By doing this, people become that much closer to becoming the best and most positive person that they can be. It is a very healthy practice and yields positive results in a multitude of aspects in life.

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