How do people REALLY feel about AI?

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  • LinkedIn, always late to the social media game in often-cases, is one to keep an eye when it comes to launching AI tools & assistance. They now offer AI-assisted ad copy for paid campaigns (currently limited to North America).
  • There’s mostly two camps when it comes to AI: one is that of super-positivity and unimaginable prospects of AI and the one is that of the world is going to end like the Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard. But kidding aside, here’s what people are really feeling about AI in the workplace…
  • One of the more exciting use-cases for AI to help humanity is how it’s being used in medicine: Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is testing out AI tools to assist in the detection of breast cancer.
  • One of the failures (so far) of AI like ChatGPT by OpenAI and other AI-bots is their inclination to lie about things (I’ve seen this myself in my tests where it admits it made up stuff they churned out, bad ChatGPT). Via The Neuron, they offer 3 tips to verify if ChatGPT (or your AI tool of choice) is lying to you:

    Cross verification: use reliable sources to cross-check info ChatGPT feeds you, especially before trusting it verbatim. And like an annoying amazing teacher, ask for citations.

    Ask follow-ups: Ask questions to reveal any gaps in understanding. In other words, feel out if ChatGPT is bullsh*tng you.

    Always review yourself: before you click publish or submit work to the boss, take the time to go over it yourself. No exceptions. Not even w/ emails.
  • Practical use-cases for AI in the workplace: Meeting summaries. So, even if you draw the short-end of the straw to be the one to take the minutes of a meeting, you no longer have to worry.

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