How to Become a Star Banker To Grab a Piece of the Bonus Pie

As profits in the financial services industry contract, so too the large bonuses doled out to banking staff.

Many banks are now only giving bonuses to the best performers at their firms so it’s become increasingly important to turn yourself into a high-performer.

One of our motto’s here at Ethan Hathaway is that we strive to make you more valuable to your company. If you are seen as valuable in your company’s eyes, then you only increase the value you are worth in terms of  pay.

In the present environment, everyone has to be accountable. Rewarding only the best performers makes sense and should have been the norm in the first place.

There’s two ways for you to become a top performer and increase your value:

  1. Learn how to earn more for your company
  2. Learn how to save more for your company

And the only way to learn how to do these 2 things is to improve your knowledge in these two areas.

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