Innovation in Business

Resized_22244316_s_bwWhat is innovation? What does it mean to be on the forefront of industry, culture and business? As business changes and we evolve with it, we need to understand what drives and carries business forward.

To do this we need to be on the cusp of business, not responding to change, but leading the change. Our business should be that which others respond to, rather than us responding to those around us.

But what does this mean? Well, we need to understand how culture changes around us. it used to be at one time that the notion of a female CEO was a thing unheard of. But society and business changed, and those who embraced it were at the forefront.

What trends and envelope pushing progressions are going on now? Does it make sense for your business to follow that format and stay up on the cusp, or are you going to follow?

Not all trends are good, so you also need to adjust and understand where they are going and if they will be of any benefit. Take the time to sit back and focus on the future, rather than simply the here and now…don’t wait to see how things will turn out, but rather work towards the future.


Read the full article here: Color of Change

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