Do you know your business’ DNA helix code?

Sounds like some hefty words there, doesn’t it? What is the DNA helix code? Essentially it is a map of the DNA within a person’s body. It shows where things are, how they branch off from one another, and what they lead to. This structure, when taken in its totality, makes up a human being.

Well, let’s apply that to a business. Does a business have a structure? Absolutely. We refer to it as an organizational structure. What kind of structure does your business have? How is it organized, what’s its helix? That’s a great question.

The following article will help you to think through that…where to place people, how to structure and what types of structure there are for businesses. Take a look today and start mapping out your helix.

Read the full article here: The 10 Principles of Organizational DNA

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