McDonald’s Following After the King?

In a surprising press release, McDonald’s has announced that in the midst of sliding sales it is going to do its best to revamp business by emphasizing a “you have it your way” style of menu. This sounds very reminiscent of Burger King.

This menu was outlined by the CEO of the company and is already being tested in southern California. Many are left wondering, however, if this is enough to rejuvenate the already steadily declining sales?

For McDonald’s in particular, the answer is of course a yes. But does it anticipate enough the wants and desires of such customers? Does it move where the customers are and approach them for the next stage of their relationship with the company?

As we progress in our own companies and continue to work with clients, we need to ask like-minded questions as well. Are we moving with our customers and meeting their needs?

This should always be a primary question for us as we work on our customer relations and base. Are we listening to them and where they are at; do we understand where we are wanting to take them in our own journey? And as we head in that direction, are we addressing and meeting the concerns they may have as well?

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