Need More Productivity? Quit Your Job

Yup. You heard that right. At least that’s what the WSJ is reporting today. They say that people who quit their jobs have more of a chance of staying productive and inspired rather than those who stay in the same job for a number of years (which causes them to become bored and unmotivated over time.

As the retirement age is put off longer and longer, and people are working well into their advanced years (even when they do not have to), researchers are finding that people simply lack motivation.

But these same experts, and many older adults themselves, are discovering a downside to remaining at the same desk year after year—a tendency toward complacency, coupled with a reluctance to ask tough questions.

For example: Am I working because I truly love what I do, or am I simply afraid of change? Do the best and brightest staffers want to work with me, or do they see better opportunities elsewhere? Am I continuing to learn something new about my work and myself, or am I plowing the same ground again and again?

So what’s a person to do? Perhaps quit. Start in an endeavor that is new and, more importantly, exciting. You see…this report is not simply advocating the idea of everyone quitting their jobs. But rather those who have the means to explore and try new endeavors in their later years. This may perhaps bring back a bit of the vitality they are looking for.

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