NY Times vs OpenAI…Fight!

Read on!

  • Starting this week’s issue with one of AI’s more critical voices, Gary Marcus (we like to share both sides of the AI industry as you know), he talks about the economics of AI. While I disagree with his outlook that AI is a fad, Gary’s views are always an interesting balance to the excitement of AI.
  • Since most LLM models that AI apps such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the NY Times was trying to negotiate a deal with OpenAI if OpenAI wants to train their AI with access to NY Times’ data, however, things aren’t going so well
  • While ChatGPT gets all (or at least most) of the limelight, there are now other AI bots that are just as good if not better, such as Claude 2 (by Anthropic).
  • ChatGPT-related job listings increased 21 fold since November, according to LinkedIn. Time to update your resume/CV!
  • Meta announced it will release a free code-generating software…maybe that’s why Zuck is too busy to take on Elon?

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