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Creative solutions are essential for problem solving, but they need focus and organization in order to be turned into successful outcomes. Successful project managers need to create environments which allow reflection and unconventional ideas to flourish while eliminating distractions and interruptions. The best project teams incorporate a mix of dreamers and doers, who tend to be better at implementing new processes. If both of these personality types are encouraged
to engage and collaborate it will result in great productivity and positive results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creative approaches and unconventional ideas developed in a project need focus and time to be transformed into an organized process
  • Creativity is an important aspect in a solution-finding process. Constant interruptions and distractions make it hard to achieve measurable results
  • Creative people need to collaborate with less creative people. In many cases, less creative people tend to be the ones who are good at implementing things and who are usually happy if nothing changes

“New values and procedures are the foundation of a culture, which can lead to expressing and pursuing new ideas and to becoming creative naturally. Creativity can become a habit by establishing values that indicate that it is a desired attitude.”

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