Sam Altman Ousted from OpenAI…Might Return within 48hrs…

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  • In the biggest news of the week, Sam Altman was ousted by the board of OpenAI as CEO while CTO, Mira Murati, has been appointed interim CEO. The departure seems to have came out of nowhere and no indication of anything leading to this, so social media is afire with speculation.

    Update 1: The last 24 hrs since Altman’s ousting has been something out of a TV drama.

    Firing Altman came as a surprise (and anger) to their investors & stakeholders, with many staff members threatening to leave OpenAI and join Altman.

    Investors are now pushing to reinstate Altman (as well as co-founder Greg Brockman who quit upon his own demotion and Altman’s firing), but not only that, it looks like IF Altman returns, it will upon condition the entire board resigns and a new board put in place.

    Update 2: So, talks to bring Sam Altman and Greg Brockman back completely derailed and the existing board hired their own interim CEO, Emmett Shear (former CEO of Twitch). Also, meaning the supposed interim CEO, Mira Murati is no longer interim CEO since she supported bringing Altman back.

    In a sign of solidarity, 505 700 employees out of 770 at OpenAI, wrote and signed a letter asking for the resignation of the entire board and to bring back Altman and Brockman.

    Not wanting to wait for things to play out, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, announced he had negotiated with Altman and Brockman to join Microsoft’s newly formed AI-research team. While still fostering their partnership with OpenAI. However, if Altman doesn’t return to OpenAI, there’s a good chance a large portion of the staff at OpenAI will leave that entity and join Altman in his new venture with Microsoft.
  • Zoom has opened up AI tools with their paid plans, so no need for third party AI apps.
  • Meta launches AI content creation tools, so creators can continue creating content that makes Meta money…
  • AI boosts breast cancer detection
  • Not willing to be at the mercy of Nvidia or any other chip maker, Microsoft launched its own AI chips.

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