Social Media Mastering

Social media marketing is a full-time business, an industry all to its own. People dedicate 12hrs a day to this industry and work on growing brand awareness and product placement. But let’s say you are a start-up that hasn’t quite hit its stride yet, and you are still working on the branding yourself. Can you afford to spend 12hrs yourself on the social aspect of marketing? No. Surely not. And you certainly can’t afford to hire someone full time right now. So…by default it’s best left to you.

You carve out 1hr a day to work on it. Let’s be realistic, after your done with surfing the internet and facebook, you only have 30mins left (and yes, we are being very forgiving). How are you going to spend that 1/2 hr doing social media? What will you do?

Read today’s article and find out.

Read the full article here: What’s the Best Way to Spend 30-minutes of Your Time Doing Social Media Marketing

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