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  • With all the comparisons to a season of Succession, the OpenAI drama partially resolved, as Sam Altman and Greg Brockman returned to OpenAI with a partially new board and all the staff that threatened to leave remained.

    The cliffhanger that’s still out there, is what was the REAL reason for this to begin with? There’s speculation about the reasons for firing Altman, but that’s what it is, speculation.

    In the meantime, Altman has agreed to an internal investigation about how this whole drama was triggered.
  • I’m a confessed AI-optimist, I see a lot of potential in AI, but I also understand the need to counter that optimism with care and looking at views on AI that are counter to this, one expert is Gary Marcus, if you read his writings it’s pretty critical of AI and the potential risks (which is good), and I don’t always agree with what he writes, but I have to say this is his best explanation for how AI should be developed for humans (and I totally agree with his stance on this).
  • Researchers from the University of Florida have demonstrated how machine learning in coordination with liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS) can help make grading and classifying brain tumors 87% more efficient and accurate.
  • Google’s Bard AI can now assist you in summarizing and interacting with Youtube videos. Although, it’s currently only available via the Labs feature and to users in the US (I’m in Canada, so last I checked, we have still not been annexed by the US…yet).
  • In non-OpenAI drama news, ChatGPT’s voice feature is now available to all users on their mobile device (I checked my app and I did have access to it too). Yawwwn, there must be some kind of underlying drama there that we’re missing…amiright?
  • Bill Gates predicts AI can lead to a 3-day work week.

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