The answer to whether you can copyright AI generated content

  • A BIG development for generative AI assets and whether or not you can copyright those assets. It’s a good development for content creators.
  • Midjourney, my favorite AI-image generator is killing its free tier (noooooooooooo!) due to too much abuse in producing deep fake images.
  • By now, you’ve probably heard about the letter to put a 6-month pause on continued AI-development due to the speed at which everything is moving, it’s too fast for our human brains to catch up. It makes sense in reality to ensure we’re not getting too ahead of ourselves, especially with the how realistic fake images and content can start to proliferate.
  • Buzzfeed has been open about their use of AI-generated content, now they take it up a notch.
  • I like to include different views on AI (as much as I’m enthusiastic about the future of AI), so this is an interesting look at the dangers of AI.

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