Three Reasons Your Boss Is Constantly Disagreeing With You

Whatever your feelings toward your boss, the fact is that he or she got to that position because of some combination of experience, expertise, and training. In other words, they earned it. That doesn’t mean you’ll always agree with the decisions your boss makes. Sometimes you’ll even be certain your boss is wrong–either on something small and harmless or much more consequential. So how do you challenge your boss respectfully and productively? It can be daunting to point out a difference of opinion to someone we report to. Many of us simply aren’t great communicators when it comes to those in higher positions.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s hard to feel that way if your boss is constantly shooting them down and taking things another direction.
  • Once you’ve tried the new strategies, you’ll be able to pick your battles–and point to specific reasons why you think a certain old process works better than the new one.
  • In a recent article for Harvard Business Review, author Ron Carucci suggests that employees consider whether a boss is micromanaging them because their work isn’t up to par.

“If your main complaint is that her approach is different, your best course of action is to do it her way across all projects.”

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