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What can martial arts teach us about project management skills. Many of the skills project managers need to have to successfully do their jobs can be improved by seeing them though the lens of a martial artist. Mindset, focus, clarity of thought, singularity of action, dealing with the unexpected, continually receiving feedback and learning from new situations are all lessons to be learned and practiced. A martial artist may practice the same movements over and over again in what is called a ‘Kata,’ this skill provides a foundation so that when the unexpected occurs they are not thrown off, but can rather learn from and adapt to the new situation. Project managers must deal with several urgent tasks, but time is best spent focusing on one at a time rather than multitasking. The simple clarity of action will produce the best results, whether one is focusing that energy in executing a proper kata or in accomplishing a task at work.

Key Takeaways:

  • The term for this Japanese martial art breaks down into two distinct kanji characters that comprise an idea that translates as the way of mental reaction.
  • Use of this technique streamlines multi-tasking efforts, because it reins in the mind’s tendency to wander.
  • Giving one hundred percent mindfulness to the task at hand can also be a boon to verbal and written communication.

“The practice of Iaido requires focusing on the task at hand instead of jumping ahead to what comes next.”

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