Youtube Announces New AI Tools for Creators

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  • The big news of the week was OpenAI’s announcement that Dall-E 3, their text-to-image AI tool, will be integrated directly with ChatGPT (no more switching between tabs) and produce higher-quality images than before.
  • AI’s benefits is currently in helping creators create content through generative AI. Youtube has recognized this and is jumping all-in on the AI train with the announcement of multiple AI-tools available to Youtube creators.
  • Microsoft is also putting the pedal to the metal on their AI tools, by announcing their AI assistant CoPilot will also be available in Windows 11 as a free update and will be integrated with Office 365 tools.

    Now, if they can only do something about that blue-screen of death…
  • While there’s been a lot of caution about how AI can lead to the end of the world, the U.N. believes AI is a benefit to society as long as it’s managed properly.
  • Amazon is starting to clamp down on all the AI-generated content being sold on their platform.

    Does that mean all those Youtube videos showing up in my feed about how they made $x on Amazon with AI are no longer going to trend? (Asking for a friend).

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