5 Keys to Leadership

Every leader needs to have a skill-set in place that will enable them to lead in a fashion that will cause others to follow. What does such a skill-set look like? Well, there are many suggestions and lists. But today’s is one of the more helpful. Why? Because it starts with yourself, and not others. A leader is one who is deeply reflective…one who spends a regular amount of time assessing the self, looking inward and determining where there are places of growth and other places that need to be worked on.

Often when we think about leadership we spend more time focusing on how we can project to others and bring them along for the ride. We have a vested interest in them and we attempt to evoke responses from them. But what if this is the wrong starting point? What if the starting point is within ourselves first, and as we seek to change inwardly, thus effecting the outward, that others will see this and pursue us naturally…follow us organically? Perhaps this is the first place to start then, when we consider this thing known as leadership.

Take a moment to take a look at the other 4 suggestions for leadership today. I don’t think you will be disappointed when you spend some time reflecting on the list and assessing yourself.


Read the full article here: 5 Skills You Must Acquire Before You Can Lead

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