A Look at the Gas Crisis in Germany

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Embattled HSBC Not So Embattled

While there’s been talk of HSBC focusing more on profitable regions (e.g. Asia), HSBC reported increase in profits year on year in the previous quarter due to skyrocketing interest rates.


Credit Suisse “Cuts Like a Knife”

Those in banking know when banks hire, they hire in massive spurts and when they cut, they also cut in large spurts.

Unfortunately for Credit Suisse staff, it’s a cutting spurt this time around as the Swiss bank announced 9,000 job cuts over next three years.


A Look at the Gas Crisis in Germany

As the war in Ukraine rages on, Europe’s energy crisis is still on everyone’s radar, specifically Germany.

Here’s an interesting look at the current gas crisis in Germany.


Need to know how the gas crisis in Europe plays out on the commodities market? Go here to learn more.

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