How to Build Trust as a Leader

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Build Trust as a Leader in the Workplace
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I’m a huge (Ice) Hockey fan, and my hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks had an awful start to this season.

On paper, the team shouldn’t be performing so badly.

What was going on?

Ultimately, after a streak of losing games and not looking like the team they should be – the leadership team was fired two weeks ago (the team’s General Manager, Assistant GM, Head Coach and an Assistant Coach).

The team quickly hired a new coach with a winning record and history of turning teams around quickly.

Since hiring the new coach, the team has looked like an entirely different team and has gone on a four game winning streak as of this writing.

How can the exact same team with the same players look and perform so differently?

Sometimes a refresh in leadership is needed if your team doesn’t buy into your strategy, direction and doesn’t trust you.

Trust is a major element of having a team follow you.

Here’s how you can build trust as a leader in your workplace.


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