Breach This! Securing the Future for your Clients Today

New data coming out today regarding data security breaches in the U.S. As many have heard, HomeDepot has had a huge breach of security recently. Not only were credit card numbers stolen, but also all sorts of other sensitive material was made up for grabs.

Now we hear that as many as 43% of companies in the US have in fact had some sort of computer breach where sensitive, secure data was exposed. This is a startling number. Almost half of the companies in the US. And don’t make the mistake of thinking this is simply a US problem. With the onset of the internet and international commerce, this means that data from around the world was housed in these companies and thus exposed.

Numbers like this make everyone realize just how exposed and vulnerable they really are. Many will simply say, “Go ahead, have all my information. You’re going to get it anyways.”

Is this the type of impression we want to leave with our consumers and clientele? Of course not. But what are we to do when we realize that such breaches are essentially a way of life now?

Well, one thing we can do is proactively reassure the community. We can communicate, and tell people that we understand their fears and have our fingers on the pulse of the problem.

And this goes for anything and everything. It doesn’t simply have to be an issue of a security breach. Communication as a whole is a general rule of thumb. The more you communicate with your community the more that community will not only remain intact, but also continue to grow.

So let’s grow tomorrow by communicating today.

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