The Hallmark of Success: Self-Control

In a recent article for Forbes magazine, an astute writer has pointed out how self-control is one of the hallmarks of those who are successful.

How does self-control translate to success?

Well, for one thing, people who exhibit self-control are able to keep their emotions in check and stay on task. The world of leading a company and being a CEO can be very frenzied and offer a multitude of ups and downs. When deals go well and partnerships are made and solidified, we feel elated. However, when a deal runs south and we lose out on opportunities and the company suffers, we may feel very depressed.

Self-control becomes a key factor here…for oftentimes such depression can lead people to want to give up and become passive. But when an individual has all their feelings in check and is able to roll with the ups and downs, they are able to press on and continue working effectively.

By no means are we saying to become stoic or immovable. Of course you must learn from your defeats. However, you must not be nor feel defeated.

Use such experiences as opportunities to control and grow through your emotions as a leader. Keep steady and moving forward.

Read the full article here: How successful people stay productive and in self control

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