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In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about an issue that, a lot of knowledge experts seem to encounter.

So this is actually an example from a client that I have right now.

And they’re in the health and beauty expert space. So one of the issues is that she’s a very heart-centered expert.

So she she wants to help everybody she can, she doesn’t want to turn away anybody, right? So, but the problem is that, what happens is that she ends up spending a lot of her time, which is, you know, costing them money in that sense, because she’s helping a lot of people for free, basically.

So, I know a lot of knowledge experts out there, they have this sort of dilemma.

You want to be helping people as many people as you can. But you’ve got to balance that thin line between charging people for money for your expertise and helping people you know, you don’t want to turn them away.

So what do you do in this these situations? Right? So, in today’s episode, I want to share a really easy tip for countering this type of situation. Okay?

So you just want to collect very common questions that people come to you and ask you about all the time.

And whether you record a video, or you record an audio or you just write it down as a blog post, whatever you feel comfortable with.

That’s basically giving you exactly what you should be covering in terms of content piece okay? Because once you answer this for people and when people come come to you and asking you: “Hey, so and so can you help me with this issue and already have the answer to this question or this problem I have.”

And if you don’t want to turn them away, and you know maybe they don’t know you your it’s just a very simple question to answer or or you can address the issue from a more superficial level without delving into too much details, then it makes for a really great content piece.

And then once you’ve recorded it, whether it’s in video, audio or written format, that is basically an asset for you.

It’s a content asset and, and with us from my philosophy is always approaching a knowledge expert business in terms of creating assets and so it’s not about getting on what I call content production hamster wheel where you kind of feel like you’re you’re constantly having to pump out content on a daily basis.

You don’t have to do that.

What you do is you you create content that is usually evergreen, if possible, and answers very common questions that people or your typical prospect or client asks you.

Or it’s a problem that they want to solve. When you address it basically, you will never have to turn a person down ever again.

You know, if you don’t have time, maybe you know if it’s a knowledge expert business because the business is centered around you so much Your time is very limited. Right?

And despite the fact that you know, a lot of you know, well intentioned knowledge experts want to help as many people as possible. You have to manage your time a lot better. Right?

So balancing that dilemma of not having to turn away people yet helping them. So when you have somebody come up to you and ask you this question, “Oh, you know what, Jack or Jane, I, I actually I can help you with that just head over to this video, or listen to this audio or head over to this URL for this blog post I wrote and answers your question”.

Exactly. So now in this situation, you have helped this prospective client, you helped this person and you didn’t really have to spend a lot of time with them. Okay.

So that’s why we see it as an asset and this is one really great way and it really just helps drive you know, your content strategy. It tells you what to kind of content to create, you don’t have to guess or you don’t have to think about it. You know, you just answer you’re just about

Basically answering questions that people are always asking you anyways. Right?

So when you go about the situation like this, it will save you a whole bunch of time. You don’t have to turn away people, you are helping people. Basically all parties are happy. So I hope you found today’s episode useful if you did, just subscribe to the podcast or subscribe to our channel.

And if you have any questions you have anything that you’d like to adjust for your own business, please feel free to contact us or drop a comment down drop a question your question down in the comments.

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