Should you use LinkedIn Ads? | The Uncanny Xperts Podcast


In today’s episode, I’m going to answer the question of, should you do LinkedIn advertising?

Alright, so this is a very common question I see especially for b2b and consultants knowledge experts is that well, should you invest or spend money on LinkedIn advertising, right, we see a lot of you know, so called experts and training programs teaching you how to use LinkedIn organically but nothing, very few really, talks about whether LinkedIn advertising.

So just a few things about LinkedIn advertising one, it’s actually very expensive.

Last time I had tried it, it was around US$2 per click, which is extremely expensive.

So now before I delve into this, I think this is actually not the right question in itself actually.

The question can’t really be answered as it is. Ok. So if you can’t just ask somebody and say, you know, should I do LinkedIn advertising? So the first thing I would do is like, first you, you’d have to understand that person’s business or your business.

If I know that your ideal client is found on LinkedIn, then okay, then LinkedIn is a channel that you should be considering. Now, I’m not talking about LinkedIn ads just yet.

So I’m just saying that LinkedIn is a network or a medium, that would be feasible, because it’s where your clients or your client audience is found.

Now the other question we’d have to answer now once we’ve we know if we’ve established that, yeah, your client audience can be found on LinkedIn. And no, not all businesses clients are found on LinkedIn and, and to give you an example is like, you know, I when I was working in Hong Kong, I found that if I was to target clients that were based in Hong Kong, LinkedIn is actually a very lousy channel to use because really the mentality with the majority of Hong Kong people is that LinkedIn is just really to find jobs.

Very few actually go on there to try to find business and if they if there are ones that do they do a really pretty bad job of it. Okay. So that’s, that’s one reason one example of why it’s not necessarily LinkedIn is not always 100% the right answer even if you’re in b2b it’s a pretty i think the majority of people if you’re doing b2b then yes you’re good to there’s a good chance that you would be considering linkedin but it’s not always the case okay it’s not 100%.

So the other question we so once you’ve established that your client audience is on, can be found on the Linkedin social network the other thing is having to look at your products and services, if you know your lifetime customer value and your products and services are in the pretty high, I would say five figure us dollars so your your product and services are priced in the five figure range and you know your customer lifetime value is above you know five figures and above us dollars then you can consider testing out linkedin advertising okay and the whole reason why it’s like I said LinkedIn advertising is highly expensive.

You have to be selling something very high ticket, and you have to have a very high lifetime customer value in order to get a positive ROI from a paid LinkedIn advertising campaign. Okay.

So I hope that helps and answers that question. If you’ve been wondering whether you want to be spending money on LinkedIn advertising, to be honest to you, you’re in most cases, I actually think you’re probably better off investing some time and a little bit of money in in a good course, or coaching and how to leverage LinkedIn as a social network without the LinkedIn advertising really.

If you know how to leverage that in a more organic way, then I think you’re probably better served that way. But, I mean, that’s just my opinion. It doesn’t mean it applies to everybody. But I think that I would consider that before LinkedIn advertising from my experience.

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