One Way to Solve the Sitting At a Desk Problem

We have all heard reports that sitting at a desk is a serious health risk. The lack of movement with the already sedentary lifestyle people live in their own private lives is a huge contributing factor to heart disease, sickness, and all other sorts of ailments.

One way companies have been trying to help is by creating standing stations for their employees to get up, move around, and generally take notice of their overall health.

However, there is concern on another front. There are reports of offices where employees must take the initiative to ask for such standing stations. As a CEO, how you lead your company proactively will go a long way in the minds of your employers. This is a wonderful opportunity to take the initiative, and without them asking, provide something for their overall health that will truly show you care for them and their well-being.

This coming year, be the CEO your company needs…provide stations or standing desk units where employees can get up, stretch their legs and exercise a bit. Don’t wait for them to ask, take the initiative.

To further inspire you, we have pictures from one office that may have taken this advice a bit too far. But we do commend their efforts.


Read the full article here: This Chair-Free Office Bans Sitting

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