Rejecting Failure

Failure can be a part of growth. And there is definitely something to be learned from it; so much so that we are now taught to embrace the concept of failure. But there are certain times when we should not accept nor embrace it.

When are those times? Well, what if our failure comes from a lack of adjustment and innovation, then we need to be very, very concerned with what we’re doing.

We do not simply embrace that sort of failure, and see it as a learning experience; we need to make some very serious and drastic decisions that will push us and our businesses forward. So rather than simply embrace and chalk it up as a learning experience, let us see how it will drive us, drive us powerfully towards change.

Maybe a complete overhaul needs to be made to our thinking and reasoning pattern. Maybe we need to entirely readjust our approach. Whatever it is…don’t simply embrace failure.


Read the full article here: When Not To Celebrate Failure

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