Stand Up Rather Than Sit Down For the Status Meeting

We all dread the Monday morning status meeting. We drag ourselves into that boardroom, grab the cup of coffee and sit down to meet with the rest of the team. We drum around, thinking about what to say as a cohesive update for the whole team.

What’s going on? Where are we heading? What are the projections for the coming week or month?

After a while, such talk can grow extremely repetitive. We may find ourselves searching for new ways to say the same things.

This is bad for us, the CEOs, and it’s bad for our team. It can make them all feel that dread as well.

So what can be done?

Let me provide a simple suggestion which may go a long way for you and your team. Instead of having the dreaded sit down, which can feel so unproductive, why not have a stand up…in the middle of the office.

Why stand up and why in the middle of the office?

Well, a stand up keeps things on the go, meaning that people will get to the most important things as quickly as possible. And doing it in the middle of the office…well, that just speaks to the urgency and efficiency of the meeting. People need to get back to work.

So keep it quick, to the point and on point.


Read the full article here: Follow This Advice And You’ll Never Have to Sit Through A Status Meeting Again

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