How to be Compliant for Basel II/III

Operational Risk Management: Basel Compliance Training Course

This training course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to review, benchmark and refine operational risk policies within your financial institution.

How to be Compliant for Basel II/III

This training course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to review, benchmark and refine operational risk policies within your financial institution according to the latest Basel standards.

How You Benefit from this Operational Risk Management Course

By the end of this course, You will learn:

  • How to comply with the latest Basel Accord standards
  • How to be prepared for a stress test
  • How to calculate the charges
  • How to integrate outsourcing into your programme
  • The role of risk appetite in operational risk management
  • The importance of the Risk Register
  • How to establish and use an internal loss database
  • Business continuity planning in the face of extreme events
  • How to use external loss data
  • How to develop and use both stress testing and scenario analysis
  • How to model business processes
  • How to develop and use key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • How to use control and risk self-assessment
  • A look at available IT solutions
  • How to model operational risks


Become a Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS) - Level 1

An optional Certification Exam (online) is also available here​.

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I never imagined the great impact of the operational risk on the business as a whole before attending this course...I got a lot of ideas to implement in my department / bank.
Head of Internal Audit, Banco Nacional Ultramarino, Macau

  • Agenda highlights
  • Who should attend
  • Reviews

Operational Risk Management: Basel Compliance Course Agenda Highlights

  • Objectives of the Basel Accord
  • The Basel III Developments
  • Operational Risks in Outsourcing
  • Risk Appettite
  • The Risk Register
  • Internal Loss Data
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • External Loss Data and Scenario Assessment
  • Modelling Business Processes
  • Control and Risk Self-Assessment
  • The Structure of the Operational Risk Department and the Role of Senior Management
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)
  • Approaches to Modelling
  • Stress Testing
  • Other Key Operational Risk Issues
  • Currently Available IT solutions
  • Putting it all Together
  • Each session will be accompanied by case studies and discussions

*The self-study content for the online version varies, please see below for details.

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Have a question? Email us at: [email protected] or call us at: (+852) 2376-3330

18 Seats Only

Only 18 seats available per session so you get more personal attention.

Reference Package

You also receive a Course Reference Kit to take away for future reference. (Value of $200.00)

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Certificate of Completion

After completing the training, you receive an Ethan Hathaway gold-embossed certificate of completion to mark your achievement.

Available for In-House Training

There are currently no scheduled public sessions for this training, however, it is available as an in-house training.

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Self-Study Online Course Available

A self-study online version of this course is available.

Video lessons

On-demand video lessons so you may watch at your own convenience.


Downloadable PDF notes & slide decks and resources for your future reference.

Lifetime Access

You have Lifetime access to the core course modules (does not include any updates or Q&A).

Anywhere Access

Access the course with any Internet-enabled device. No software or special requirements needed.

Online Course Agenda Highlights

  • Introduction
  • Dimension & Drivers of Risk Management
  • Reviewing the Risk Types
  • Risk & Capital
  • Implementation Considerations
  • A Practical Guide to Managing Operations Risk
  • Operational Risk Financing
  • The Black Swan
  • Operational Risk & Basel
  • Risk Management- A Hands On Approach
  • Principles of Risk Management
  • Implementation
  • What are the Operational Risks?
  • Methods and Models
  • Current Operations Risk Management Themes in Banking
  • Case Studies
  • Operational Risk Management & Basel Wrap Up
  • OPTIONAL: Certification Exam – You must pass the certification exam in order to receive the additional Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS)-Level 1 designation & certificate. You will still receive a downloadable-PDF certificate of completion for the course whether you complete the exam or not.

Who should enroll?

This course is taught at a fundamental level.


For individual/personal use.

  • ​17 Core Modules
  • 29 Video lessons
  • PDF Downloads
  • Access anywhere
  • Lifetime Access to Core Training
  • ​No Certification
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Multiple-user access

USD 497

For Corporate Plans (multi-user access), please contact us at: [email protected]

System Requirements

  • A PC or a MAC computer (Compatible with an Windows or Mac O/S computer)
  • Works on iPad and iPhone
  • Web Browser Software such as the latest Firefox or Internet Explorer or Safari or Chrome
  • Intenet connection (It is highly recommended that you have a high-speed Internet connection such as broadband/DSL)
  • Computer Speakers or headphones (for courses that include audio and video)

Accredited By

BAC AccreditedEthan Hathaway is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as an International Centre.

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