The Woz Knows Best

Steve Wozniak is known the world over as the co-founder of Apple. He is credited with creating the hardware behind what would become the Mac computer. Having started Apple computers out of a garage with Steve Jobs, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about start-up companies and taking your business to the next step.

Today FastCompany has an article where they plumb the wisdom of the Woz to help you with your own endeavors. What do they find as they look to this pioneer?

It’s nothing necessarily earth shattering or new. But yet, in its simplicity perhaps we find some golden wisdom that we all too often gloss over and end up assuming, and thus in the assumptions actually forgetting. Read on and you’ll be reminded that starting a business is not simply about making money, it’s about passion. Nor are ideas worth much if they simply stay an idea on a piece of paper. As an innovator and leader in business, you also need to be one who implements ideas. Take them from the paper and make them a reality.

Like I said, nuggets of gold that are assumed in many of our own job endeavors. But it is that simplicity of thought that brings us back to the core of why we do what we do. Take a look today and bring your own innovative business back to a solid foundation with these nuggets of wisdom from “The Woz.”

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